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I have these days where I would love to have my long hair back. It makes me feel more girly and glamourous :D.

Thanks to the amazing people of Irresistible Me  I had the chance to try out the Silky Touch Clip-in Extensions. They were kind to send me a box with 18 inch medium-brown extensions, a perfect match with my natural hair colour.
The extensions can be used to add length or volume to your hair. I chose the 200g option, that comes with 10 wefts of different widths. You can choose how many wefts you clip in, depending on the volume and look you want. The extensions are made from 100% natural hair, so you can wash, style cut and dye them to blend in your hair perfectly.

I would recommend the Irresistible Me Silky Touch Clip-in Extensions for all of you who are craving for long, soft voluminous hair! They look so natural and are easy to use!




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