DIY: Vase with golden hem


Good morning!!

If you’re still looking for a DIY project this weekend, I have the right one for you here. We are making vases with golden hems :)! It’s perfect to decorate the breakfast table for Mother’s Day!
I do recommend doing this outside and since it’s so sunny outside you can even get a tan :D! (Pssst don’t forget to put on some sunscreen.) So let’s get started!


You will need:
Clean goblets (Mine were originally for pasta sauce)
Rubber gloves
Painters tape (min. 4 cm width)
Gold spray (you can choose any colour you like)

Put the tape on the goblet like the picture below. I taped it around 3,5 cm from the hem.

Step into your grass and spray the paint at the bottom of the goblet while turning it at the same time. Keep a distance of 20 cm. Let it dry for a while.

Now that the bottom is painted and dry, the only thing left to do is pulling off the tape.

Repeat these actions for your other goblets. Add some beautiful flowers and your vases can be put on the table!



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