The perfect smoothie to start your day


My ballet teacher always used to say: ‘You should eat at least 5 fruits or vegetables every day.’ I still try to do it, but let’s just say some days I’m more successful than others ?. My trick to get this fixed really quickly is a smoothie!

Today I’m starting my day with a smoothie made of 3 fruits: an orange, a banana, and some blackberries. I always add some crushed ice to make it fresh, cold and less heavy.

Add the crushed ice, your fresh pressed orange juice, the banana (in pieces) and the blackberries in your blender.
Mix it all together.

Put your smoothie in a nice glass.
Add some blackberries for the finishing touch.
Put in your straw and start enjoying your healthy smoothie!!
Ooohw, and now you only need to eat 2 more fruits/vegetables today! ?

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