5 Gorgeous 5-minute hairstyles


Do you know the feeling when you are standing in the bathroom looking at your hair, thinking about what to do with it? Here is the solution. 5 gorgeous hairstyles that don’t take longer than 5 minutes! Perfect for work or school if you are running out of time and can’t brush your hair. Or if you need to go to a last minute date ;). No one is going to believe these styles took only 5 minutes!

The first hairstyle is just right to go to school, to work or the market. It’s casual but still interesting because of the twisting. I love it. Find here the steps to do it yourself.

The second hairstyle is a bit more advanced than the first one. This style would be just perfect for a romantic date. I  really like how it looks with highlights.

The third hairstyle is made of two braids, but looks so chic. It would fit excellently with a black dress or a cut-out back. Read here how to get this updo hairstyle.

If you want your hair down, choose option 4. You can opt for one side of the twisting, but I think it would look amazing at both sides as well. Put on a beautiful dark red lipstick and I’m sure you will be the prettiest girl in the room :D.

The fifth style is one of my favorites! It is called the Half-up Party Lob by Lulus. You can guess by its name already that it would be the right choice to go to a party! 😀


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