Review: Yves Rocher shower gel, shine shampoo & moisturizing lotion

Yves Rocher Review

A fresh and beautiful Monday morning with these beauty products from Yves Rocher!
Yves Rocher is a French skin care company that offers products that are botanical and organic. I got the chance to try out some of their amazing products and today I’m sharing my experiences with you guys. We are taking a look at the Mango Coriander Energizing Exfoliating Shower Gel, The Intense Shine Shampoo and the Aloë Vera Moisturizing Lotion.
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Yves rocher review

What it does: This Yves Rocher shower gel is made to enjoy the pleasure of a clean and gently exfoliated skin daily. The gel includes a combination of Coriander essential oil, a Mango extract and 100% fruit seeds of apricot kernel powder and almond powder. Good thing: this lovely gel is bottled in an eco-friendly tube.

What it felt like: The shower gel is actually a soft, massaging scrub. The scrub contains fruit seeds only, which made it very comfortable. A strong fruity scent released when I applied it to my skin. The gel was easy to rinse off and the tube was also very handy. 

The results: My skin felt clean and smooth immediately after rinsing. I was ready to conquer the day and smelled delicious at the same time ?.



Yves Rocher review

What it does: A Yves Rocher shampoo made to boost the shine of dull hair. It contains organically-grown Marigold oil for its ability to reflect light on the hair. It’s made to restore and to intensify the radiance of the hair fiber for a mirror shine. The formula comprises 98% ingredients from natural origin. It’s silicone, colorant and paraben free, which makes it amazing! Good thing: the shine shampoo is bottled in a recyclable bottle. This new formula is available at the market in August.

What it felt like: While smoothing my hair with this shampoo, I felt like walking through a field of sunflowers. The shampoo doesn’t foam a lot, but it’s still easy to apply on your hair. My hair felt immediately softer after rinsing it.

The results: My hair was softer and shin slightly more after using the shampoo. I didn’t have to wash my hair for two days (which doesn’t happen often to me). I used this shampoo for two weeks and the results only get better. I’m a fan!



Yves Rocher Review

What it does: This Yves Rocher Aloë Vera Pulp Moisturizing Lotion is made to rehydrate normal to dry skin. A panel of experts at Yves Rocher selected organic Mexican agave sap for its hydrating properties. The formula contains more than 96% ingredients from natural origin. The lotion is mineral oil, colorant and paraben free. Good thing: the lotion is put in a recyclable bottle made from recycled plastic.

What it felt like: When I applied the body lotion an amazing herbal scent appeared. I used the lotion after I showered. It absorbed very quickly and hydrated my skin. The moisturizing lotion isn’t sticky at all, it felt so soft and light on my skin! So wonderful.

The results: I adore this body lotion. The scent is very subtle and natural. I normally have really dry skin, but since I started using this product, my skin feels like silk!

The Mango Coriander Shower gel is available at Yves Rocher for only €3,95. A tube of the Moisturizing Lotion (200 ml) retails at €9,50 and is currently marked down 50% online. The New Intense Shine Shampoo will be available in August in store.




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