9 pairs of pom pom sandals to finish your Summer look

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Gather your pom poms and start cheering! ?
Pom pom sandals are all over the place right now and they’re so adorable! Flats, heels, lace-ups, all kinds of ‘look-at-me’ versions…  Imagine a pair of these styled with a simple white T-shirt and cropped jeans and you’ll surely make a stylish statement!  Are you wondering where you’ll find them? Check out these great options to make your fashion hunt easy as pie! ?

Products in this post:

(left to right, top to bottom)

Pink pom pom heeled sandals

Embellished pom pom lace up sandal

Red leather pom pom sandals

Embellished pom pom lace up sandal

Coral pom pom sandal

Embellished pom pom slippers

Dark metallic lace up heeled pom pom sandals

Silver pom pom sandals

Blue fluffy pom pom heeled sandals

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