Review: Maria Galland Cell Renewal

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Maria Galland Beauty Cell Renewal

Let’s face it. Everyone would love a young and fresh skin that stays forever. Maria Galland is here to help!
Beautiful skin begins with the vitality of the cells. In their billions, with finely coordinated functions, they form the cell management of the skin. However, if this interaction becomes unbalanced, then cell renewal decreases and the skin ages prematurely.
The French originated beauty brand, Maria Galland, developed a new line ‘Cell Renewal’ with two innovative products, that support the cell management and your skin’s power of regeneration.  The line consists of a Cell-Boosting Serum, that regenerates the cell management to an optimum overnight, and a Cell-Protecting Primer that protects it during the day. Shortly said: They are the perfect partners for a radiant, youthful complexion.


Maria Galland Beauty Cell Renewal

What it does: This is a serum that contains vitamin C to optimise and stimulate the natural cell functions and powers of regeneration, so that the skin regains its radiance and youthful freshness. Apply it in the evening to the face, neck and décolleté. It makes your skin look firmer and fuller and wrinkles less sever. I say: let’s try it!

What it felt likeI used the serum during a few weeks, after my daily evening routine of washing my face with cold water. Each time I applied the serum, it felt a bit wet. So I thought it would be very sticky, but it absorbed very quickly. I was happily surprised by this. 🙂

The results: Nowadays, in the morning, my face feels very soft and tight. It seems like my skin has gained a nice glow since I started using the serum. I really do like this new Maria Galland Cell-Boosting Serum. It feels like my skin really gets a boost!


Maria Galland Beauty Cell Renewal

What it does: This is an anti-ageing cell protection primer that you can use daily. The primer also protects your skin against damaging UV rays (SPF20). It’s an innovative formula of vitamin C and anti-ageing peptides that prevent anti-ageing. The primer is perfect to apply on top of a day cream, before you put on your make-up.

What it felt like: I used the primer every morning after my shower. It felt very soft and was easy to apply thanks to the push button. It’s definitely a good base to put your make-up on. The primer absorbed quickly and hydrated my skin, so it felt very light on my skin.

The results: I normally have quite dry skin. But since I started using this new Maria Galland cell-protecting primer my skin feels soft, tight, firm and it looks smoother. I must say that I’m really happy with this product, and I’m planning to keep on using this primer!


I really enjoyed trying out these products. While you’re using them you can feel that they’re high quality and the results will tell you as well. The CELL-BOOSTING SERUM can be bought for €79,00 and the CELL-PROTECTING PRIMER SPF 20 for €55,00.


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