Review: Maria Galland Skin-Soothing

gentle soothing range Maria Galland

When you have sensitive skin you meet with several difficulties like redness, irritated skin and finding the right beauty products. Maria Galland has developed a line that responds specifically to the needs of sensitive skin: SKIN SOOTHING. Only the very mildest of ingredients, tried and tested in the treatment of easily irritated skin over many years, have been included in the products of this line. I belong to the sensitive skin category, and I had the chance to test the Gentle Soothing Mask and the Gentle Soothing cream of the line. Read below my experiences trying them out.


gentle soothing mask 216

What it does: This is a soft cream mask, that’s ideal for sensitive and irritated skin. The mask includes innovative complexes of valuable oils and selected plant extracts. These ingredients are chosen to alleviate the unpleasant, tight feeling of irritated skin and instantly reduces red skin. It calms and relaxes the skin.

What it felt like: My face skin was a bit irritated after I went to a party, so I decided to try the Gentle Smoothing Mask by Maria Galland. After washing my face, I applied the mask to my skin.
It’s a really soft mask that felt fresh and light on my skin. After waiting 15 minutes, I removed it with a soft cloth. There was some residue so I massaged it into my skin (as mentioned on the packaging). My face did feel kind off sticky after I removed it, so I do recommend doing this face cure on a lazy Sunday :p. I use it once a week.

The resultsI’m really happy with the Maria Galland 216 Gentle Soothing Mask. Personally, I wasn’t very fond of the scent, but the results are brilliant. The irritation on my face was clearly reduced and my skin felt so soft. It’s the perfect cure after a night out!


gentle soothing cream 213

What it does: This is a care cream with soothing, protecting and nourishing ingredients to reduce irritation and redness gently and lastingly. A combination of lotus extract and desensitising lipopeptides restores the skin’s tolerance threshold and brings your skin back into balance. It also gives it more suppleness, softness and a feeling of instant well-being.

What it felt like: I used the cream during three weeks, every morning and evening after washing my face with cold water. The first thing that I noticed was that the cream isn’t very oily, which I prefer because else it can feel like your face feels wet. I applied the cream using gentle, upward smoothing movements and lightly patted it in. This is important for the absorption. In the evening, I put it only on parts of my face which had some imperfections.

The results:The 213 Gentle soothing cream by Maria Galland is a product that’s perfect for people with sensitive skin. My skin seems soft, less irritated and more balanced since I started using this cream. I highly recommend it!

I really enjoyed trying out these products! Maria Galland never seems to fail my expectations. It’s high quality and the results show it. Find the 216 Gentle Soothing Mask (€49,00) here and the
213 Gentle Soothing Cream(€55,10) here.

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