Did you just say fanny pack?


Remember the days you asked a fanny pack for your birthday or Christmas? And more specifically the East pack ones? Somewhere in the early 2000?
I remember we were all wearing them and decorating the fanny packs with pins, keychains, writings, …. I’m not sure if this was a Belgian thing, or a world kind of thing :p, but it was so on!
Well, let’s go back in time this Summer, ‘cause the fanny pack is back! I’m not sure if I’m ready yet to embrace the cool kid image, but how about you?  Take a look below how to combine them, and which ones are the hottest available now!

1: street style leopard coat 
2: street style pink skirt
3: Kayture
4: street style all black look

From left to right, top to bottom:

1. Black minimal fanny pack
2. Croco embossed leather fanny pack
3. White fanny pack
4. Quilted fanny pack
5. Sequin fanny pack
6. Brown leather fanny pack
7. Black leather fanny pack
8. Gunmetal fanny pack
9. Pistachio fanny pack

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